We are roofing experts that specialise in asbestos roof removal and metal roof replacement. With fast turn around time your asbestos roof is safety removed and disposed of.

Roofing Edge holds a B class licence for asbestos removal.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a term used for a number of fibrous minerals found in soil rocks which were used in building products between the  1940’s and 1980’s in Australia.


Asbestos products including asbestos cement sheeting were a very popular building material due to it’s durability.

When asbestos sheets are damaged or badly weathered the fibres that form asbestos separate into tiny pieces naked to the eye. They travel in the air and can easily be breathed in, stick to your clothing or other products around.

As of the 31st of December 2003 manufacturing and use of asbestos was banned Australia wide due to health risks.

Do you need a licence to remove asbestos?

Yes licences to remove asbestos are required by law, any company removing asbestos must hold an appropriate licence to the type of asbestos they are removing. A B grade licence must be held by the roofing company and any contractors or employee’s.

Roofing Edge has over 30 years experience in the metal roofing industry and specialises in re-roofing including replacement of installation, battens, fascia, gutter and downpipes.

Roofing Edge uses COLORBOND® steel made by Bluescope which has had extensive testing for Australian weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain, wind and hail. With 22 colours to chose from your can set the theme of your home. 


Our Process


  • Free on-site no obligation quote

  • Supplying and installation of scaffolding and safety railing 

  • Removing and re-installing solar panels, skylights and air ventilators. 

  • Removal of existing roof, wrapping and removal from site

  • Decontamination

  • Assessing of roof frames and replacing of roof battens if necessary

  • Replace insulation if necessary

  • Supply and install new metal roof

  • Clean up of site


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